Why Digital Signage

Digital Signage is the future.
And the industry is booming
as all sectors realise its full potential

Why Digital Signage

Digital Signage is the future. And the industry is booming as rapidly growing numbers of businesses across all sectors realise the full potential of this innovative, dynamic and highly convenient form of communication.

Using a wide range of standard or interactive screens, interactive kiosks and other multimedia devices, Digital Signage relays unlimited messages, information and advertising which can be centrally or remotely controlled and continuously updated.

20 Years Experience

Established 1999
First to lanch digital signage in Cyprus
and Greece





Our Services

Here at Eyecatching Media, we have a professional team of experts on hand to help guide and support you on each and every step of your digital signage journey. Here’s what we can do for you…


You know what they say. Content is King. That’s why we provide engaging bespoke, syndicated and repurposed content, expertly designed to catch the eye, grab the attention and seamlessly meet your digital signage needs.

UI/UX Design

We design your User Interface (UI) for all applications to ensure the utmost success of your User Experience (UX). We can guarantee ease of interface navigation, so that your interactive applications inspire emotions and influence positive outcomes.


Our team are on standby for all your network management needs, including monitoring the health of the network, taking immediate action to resolve any problems, managing the operations of the hardware and scheduling the content – and all remotely, anytime, anywhere.


Our fully trained and highly professional team will come and install all of the hardware and software needed for your digital signage applications; delivering and setting up the network so you don’t have to.


We have the technology to manage most of your needs remotely but when needed, our team of highly-trained engineers can also come and fix any problems onsite. We also offer yearly maintenance agreements to ensure peace of mind for all of our customers.


In the case that customers want to autonomously manage their applications, we will come and set up the network, prepare the templates and content and then train your people to run the network efficiently themselves. We also provide training for design upon request.

Make your content King

Even with the very latest in cutting edge technology and hardware, without relevant and engaging content, your digital signage will not achieve its desired results.
Revolutionise both your customer and you in-house team experience with continuously fresh bespoke or syndicated content that they not only want to see, but also influences their consumer behaviour

We offer best in class service for your needs

About Us

Eyecatching Media is the leading Digital Signage expert in Cyprus, working in partnership with Scala and other international vendors, to provide the full spectrum of unique Digital Signage solutions.

Our Contacts

Pireos 7,
2102 Nicosia, Cyprus

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