The Reason









If seeking to maximize your profits while minimize your
expenses, Eyecatching Media offers you the opportunity
to attract customers' attention and enhance sales at the
Point of Purchase.

Sell more at the POP and maximize your profits by:

  1. targeting consumers by date, time, location, demographics
  2. engaging your customers with controlled high impact media
  3. informing and involving your customers with up to the minute merchandising of special sales/promotions/information
  4. influencing buying and decision making
  5. enhancing shopping experience

Minimize your expenses by:

  1. avoiding printed posters and brochures
  2. managing your promotional campaigns from a central location
  3. simplifying the procedures of content creation and merchandising
  4. integrating your inventory with the Network and automate bargains

Securing ROI by:

  1. selling advertising space/time to third parties
  2. replacing traditional printed signs with DOOHM. Your savings will be evident in a long run

Enhance your reputation by:

  1. building strong brand awareness and image
  2. modernizing your firm through alternative and more sophisticated promoting tools.
  3. displaying social responsibility via the paper-free path of  "Green" policy"

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