Eyecatching Media Ltd was founded in 2001, and was the first digital signage company in Cyprus. With more than 13 years of experience we have built a very strong understanding of company needs and business and marketing advertisement. The company’s major aim is to satisfy the market needs of managing and communicating promotional, advertising and informative messages to consumers in the "Out of Home" environment. Furthermore, one of Eyecatching Media’s goals is the development of synergies with companies which belong to markets such as Retail, Advertising and Media.

With Eyecatching Media Ltd it has never been easier for a business to reach out to their customers on a daily basis, whether it’s for updates, news or simply great new offers. Forget all the stress with printing of flyers, posters and banners, with digital signage installed in your store or business, getting the right message out at the right time, is a walk in the park.  Because of our highly trained staff and strict time management we are able to cope with high demands of work, and never fail to please our customers.

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